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Make sure you are Covered

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown gets a lot of questions about insurance and if a loss is covered. Our staff is fully trained to know how to answer these questions. We are not insurance agents, but we have a lot of experience with several different types of claims over the years in business. Each claim is treated individually. We take our time getting all the information about the loss and determining what the best course of action would be. We walk people through each step of the way. 

Now for important tips for your insurance policy:

  1. Confirm you have an endorsement for sewer backup coverage. Sewer backups cause more damage than a regular water damage. As a restoration company, we also have to protect our employees with personal protective equipment, which includes additional charges as well. 
  2. Confirm you have extra coverage for mold. Especially in New York State, there are stringent laws about mold remediation and have to be followed closely.
  3. If you own an older home or building, make sure you have code upgrade insurance, God forbid something happens that you need to upgrade your entire electrical system or plumbing system. Both systems can become extremely costly, so for a little bit extra a month in insurance, it is worth it. 
  4. Additional Living Expense (ALE) is what is used if you have to move out of your house for a while to get the home rebuilt after any type of damage. ALE is used for hotels, food, or even a long term rental home. As you can imagine, this can become very pricey as well. 
  5. If you are renting, have renters insurance, especially if you are in a multi-unit facility. You may never believe you will have a loss, but what if your neighbor falls asleep with a pan on the stove and it catches fire. Your entire apartment's contents may be non-salvageable. Your renter's insurance is what pays you back for your contents.
  6. When going to get renters insurance, be realistic on the price range of all of your personal belongings. Remember all the small items, as well. One bottle of spice is $3, but if you have 100 of them, that is $300. The money accumulates quickly, so do not skimp on the insurance. 
  7. There are things in life you can get for cheap, insurance should not be one of them. Take your time, find the best agent, and get the right coverage. 

SERVPRO is here to help with any questions that may arise.

Get Your Business Prepared

8/19/2020 (Permalink)

Businesses of all sizes have been impacted by recent events. Those who had a contingency plan in place likely are weathering the storm a bit better, or at least have a better handle on how to quickly pivot based on the ever-fluid situation we all are facing. Does your business have an emergency plan in place if you suffer a major event?  If not, it’s not too late to be prepared for business interruption. SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown can help!

Businesses face all kinds of risks

There are many kinds of situations that can negatively impact a business, including:

  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Water damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Mold issues
  • Storm damage
  • Biohazard situations
  • Crime situations

While some of the above circumstances can be addressed and remediated fairly quickly, other situations may cause severe impact on the ability of a company to do business as normal. As many as 50% of businesses close following a disaster, according to the latest research.

The value of being prepared

While it’s nearly impossible to plan for every situation that may impact a business, of the businesses that survive, the overwhelming majority of them had a preparedness plan in place. Pre-planning can serve as an insurance policy aimed at peace of mind. Knowing you are ready for whatever happens speaks trust to your clients and employees that in the event your business is affected by a disaster, they don't necessarily have to be. 

How can businesses be prepared? Start by developing a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP) for your business interruption to have an immediate plan of action. Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation and can help minimize how water damage, fire damage or other adverse circumstances can affect your business. 

Preparation is key

Preparation is a key component for making it through any size disaster, whether it's a small water leak, a large fire or an area flood. The best time for planning for such events is not when the event happens, but well before it happens. No one ever plans on a disaster, but you can plan for it. Now is the time to ask yourself if your business is ready for any emergency. If not, contact SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown today at (856) 778-4055 and get prepared today!

Why Your Home Needs Professional Cleaning

7/29/2020 (Permalink)

While regular cleaning is effective in keeping your home clean, you need a deep clean from time to time so your home can be as clean as possible. This is because many people tend to miss out on things that a professional cleaning service is trained for.

Especially during these times, your home needs a deep cleaning more than ever. Here are a few ways you can benefit from professional cleaning services.

Quality Of Air Indoors

Many people don't realize this but your home can build up a lot of dirt, contaminants, allergens, and dust over time. This is certainly not a good thing because over time it is circulated by your HVAC system.

Once this happens, you start inhaling air that includes all these contaminants. This is why a thorough cleaning needs to be done to get rid of all this build-up.

A professional service will use the right tools and equipment to guarantee that the quality of the air you breathe in your home is high.


It takes an effort to deep clean a house. You are probably busy with many things that life surrounds you with and so you never get around to deep cleaning a house. This is where a professional cleaning service comes in.

You can keep doing what you do and leave the cleaning to the professionals. This will save both your time and effort, plus they will do a much better job!

Deep Cleaning Of Drapes, Windows, And Carpets

It is recommended that you do a deep cleaning of all these things at least once a year. This is because even though it is invisible to the naked eye, such things gather a lot of dirt and dust. However, if you don’t use the right tools or products then you can damage these things.

This is why you need to leave this to a professional. They will use the right products and equipment so your valuable carpets, rugs, drapes, and other things don’t get harmed.

They will be cleaner than they have ever been before making them look brand-new!

Cleaning Of Areas That Are Hard To Reach

Not every nook and corner of your house provides you with the accessibility to clean it. This is why you need to hire a professional cleaning service once in a while.

With their trained professionals and the latest equipment, they will reach and deep clean every area you can't seem to yourself. You won't have to go out of the way or try hard because you have an easy solution at your fingertips.

Don’t worry, the cleaning won’t burn a hole through your pocket so it is an affordable service that you can choose every once in a while.

If you haven’t gotten professional cleaning done for your home in a while then it is time that you do. You will be amazed at how clean your house becomes.

If you want to get residential cleaning services then browse our website for more information and contact us now!

Everything You Need To Reopen Your Business During COVID-19

7/28/2020 (Permalink)

Sadly, the definition of a normal working space will never be the same again. This year has changed our perspective of everything that happens around us, including our workplace.

Many businesses have taken a hit but slowly everything is trying to get back to normal. This is because many people can't afford to suffer any more financial losses.

If you are also looking to open your business during this time then here are a few things you need to keep in mind before you open your workplace for your employees.


Firstly, to make your workplace a safe space for your employees you will need to get a professional cleaning done. This is because everyone's health is their top priority and no one will come to work if they feel that the standards of cleanliness are not high.

As an employer or a business owner, you must hire professional cleaning services that are experts in cleaning everything deeply. Make sure that they are experienced and following the guidelines that are set by the CDC.

Once this is done, you need to assure your employees that the workplace is strictly clean and hygienic. This will motivate them to show up to work as well.

Proper Precautions Need To Be Set In Place

Apart from cleaning, you need to maintain the standard of cleanliness and hygiene at work. This is why it is important to set some protocols at work as well so the risk can be minimized.

The monitoring of temperatures or screening for COVID-19 should be done. Apart from that, everyone should be provided with a mask and gloves to reduce the risk even further.

Other standards such as a 6ft distance should also be maintained during work hours. All these factors combined will guarantee that your workplace is risk-free and is maintaining the highest health standards.

Evaluate Other Changes

We have already established that work will not return normally. This is why as an employer you should contemplate imposing other changes as well. For example, the number of people in the office at a time should be limited.

There can be shifts and a limited number of people that can be in the office at one time. This will ensure that the office space is not too congested and people can easily maintain distance from each other.

Large meetings should also not take place physically, this can be shifted to digital meetings. One thing is for sure and that is that the entire dynamic of normal work will change and these are some measures every employer should seriously consider.

If you want to reopen your place of business then take the first step and get everything thoroughly cleaned through a professional service such as us. Once you have taken the first step the rest will eventually flow.

If you are looking to get professional cleaning services then look no further. Browse our website for more information or contact us now!

Impact Of COVID-19 On Businesses And The Importance Of Cleaning

7/23/2020 (Permalink)

This year has been a complete shock. However, if there is one thing it has taught us then that is the importance of cleaning. Cleanliness leads to good hygiene, sanitation, and discourages any disease being born.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the way people conduct business. In the beginning, everything shifted to remote work. However, slowly and steadily work is opening back up with the proper precautions of course.

This is why if you are an employer or you own a business then it is important you get it cleaned regularly. This should be done by a professional and here are a few reasons why.

Guidelines Set By CDC Followed

To make public spaces more clean and safe, the CDC has issued cleaning guidelines. They are extensive and some are technical as well. A layman can't possibly get the job done especially in a place of business.

A professional cleaning service will ensure that all the guidelines are followed so you can have an office that is thoroughly cleaned. It will mitigate all risks and maximize the safety of you and your employees.

Cleaning Equipment

Trained professionals are experts in disinfection and removing any sort of hazard. This is because they have the right equipment and tools to carry out this process.

Such equipment ensures that every surface area is cleaned including the air ducts, vents, and other systems that may be hard to reach. This way every nook and corner will be cleaned thoroughly with the right tools and equipment.

Safety Of Staff

In times of COVID-19, the priority of all businesses and employers is to keep their staff safe. People are risking coming to work and this is why they deserve to work in an environment that is safe and clean.

Hiring a professional to do a deep cleaning of your premises will ensure the safety of your staff. This way there will be no harmful bacteria or anything else looming in the workplace.

Apart from the cleaning, proper precautions should also be taken to ensure the maximum safety of employees. Professional cleaning regularly will keep your workplace risk-free.

Trained Professionals

You can get your business back up and running in no time by hiring professional cleaning services. This is because they have professionals that are specially trained in cleaning during such times.

Their expertise will ensure your office is sparkling like a diamond with no contaminants whatsoever. Everything will also be done in no time and so you can easily have your office running while keeping everything safe for yourself and your employees.

Proper cleaning during COVID-19 is more important than ever. It has become the basis of everything and now people don’t go to places that they feel aren’t cleaned properly.

This is why if you are tired of the impact this year has had on your business and you want to be up and running again then you must get professional cleaning services that provide you with everything stated above and much more.

If you are looking for a service then browse our website for more information or contact us now!


7/15/2020 (Permalink)

It’s getting colder outside and many of us are pulling out our winter clothes and starting our fireplaces and furnaces.  There is one task that many overlook during our winter preparations: the winterization of water pipes.  We are prone to cold snaps in the southern New Jersey and when it gets cold, the accumulated water inside the pipes freezes, expands and creates extreme pressure.  Eventually, the ice creates enough pressure for the pipes to crack. A small 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can release up to 250 gallons of water per day.

  1. Wrap outside faucets – Covering and insulating the exterior faucet can help protect any water inside the pipes from freezing in the winter.
  2. Caulk around pipes where they enter the house – You want to keep out as much of the cold air as possible. You can also check around dryer vents, windows, and electrical wiring.
  3. Disconnect garden hoses – Any water sitting inside the garden hose could freeze and damage the material. If you have a sloped driveway, lay them out and let them drain, then store them.
  4. Drain in-ground sprinkler systems – any remaining water in your sprinkler systems can expand and crack your underground pipes. Even Polyethylene pipes which are more flexible and expand under pressure can become damaged; water left inside can freeze and rupture the pipe walls.  To minimize the risk of freeze damage, contact your manufacturer for proper winterization.
  5. Let a stream of water run, if the temperature dips below freezing – A little bit of water flow keeps pressure low in the pipes. Low pressure means less of a chance of burst pipes.
  6. Open cupboard doors in the kitchen and bathroom – Keeping cupboard doors open allows heat to reach the pipes, reducing the risk of them freezing.
  7. Shut off and drain your water system if you are leaving home for several days – If leaving out of town during the cold months, you may consider shutting off your main water line and draining your water system. Empty pipes mean no water can freeze and rupture them.  Keep in mind, if you have a fire protection system, this may not be the best option for you.  Shutting off the water main means your fire system won’t work.

Call SERVPRO® of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown at 856-778-4055 today to get help with all your restoration needs. We specialize in water, fire, mold & bio-hazard cleanup. 

Cleaning Beyond COVID Chaos - 7 Steps for Small Businesses

5/22/2020 (Permalink)

In recent months, the world has changed beyond recognition. Business of all sizes have had to pivot and adjust at breakneck speed in response to the pandemic breakout of the coronavirus. Whether you’re a shop-fronted business, an office-based organization, or a startup working from a co-working space, no one has been left unaffected.

In the coming months, each country will gradually go at their own pace to start lifting restrictions. Communities will slowly start to come back together. Store entrances will tentatively reopen their doors. Staff will eventually return to their desks, and meetings will resume their place in time.

But what will the future hold, beyond this?

In order to overcome this crisis, it’s vital to hold on to the facts. We need to gather together to implement strong, clear hygiene practices in our workplaces going forwards. We must embrace the relevant information provided and turn it into positive practices for a clean, safe working environment.

Our staff teams are relying on us to keep them safe.

At SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown, we work with a wide range of customers in need of specialist support services from domestic disasters. Fire restoration, specialized cleaning and water damage are just some of the services we provide. With the arrival of COVID-19, we are working harder than ever to keep our customers and staff safe!

Here are our 7 effective steps that we recommend for your business through the coronavirus chaos and beyond:

  1. Remain informed.  At the moment, the updates are changing hourly, yet alone daily. It can seem overwhelming, but staying informed about the latest advice is crucial. Gather information from trusted sources, such as the World Health Organization rather than hearsay from colleagues or newsfeeds. By doing so, you will be empowering your business team rather than scare mongering them.
  1. Educate your staff.  Are your managers fully clear on how social distancing should operate?  Do your office team understand the government precautions and what they implicate?  Use simple, positive language to deliver training on hand washing practices, cleaning scheduling, and personal hygiene.  By doing so, you will be creating a safer workspace for everyone.
  1. Reassure your team.  Your staff groups are likely going to be hyper vigilant when they return to work, as they have been impacted by the scarier news stories they have seen on their screens during lockdown.  They may be more anxious than usual, and concerned about how they can do their jobs safely while still achieving their goals.  Use positive, straightforward language in all communications to reassure each person that their safety is in good hands.  They will appreciate your constructive approach and be much more likely to adhere to safety practices.
  1. Provide appropriate products.  Hand sanitizer should be a standard product you supply for those working within your small business.  Make sure you have plenty stocked up.  Depending on the type of business you have, you might also want to purchase specialist cleaning products and equipment.  If your staff needs training to use them, head back to step 2 of this guide.
  1. Use floor markings.  We are all doing our best to stick to the distancing rules, but it can be easy to forget them when we become engaged in a conversation.  To help your staff and clients stay safe, mark out 6 feet gaps between workstations and places where people might be likely to gather.  This will also provide a handy frame for someone to refer to if they need to politely remind a colleague who is overstepping boundaries accidentally.
  1. Utilize effective signage.  While your staff team adjust to new practices of health and safety, help them by placing guidance signage in easy to see places.  This will help to normalize the changes whilst also providing additional educational opportunities.  Remember, knowledge is power. Equip your staff with the right information and you will be avoiding further issues down the line.
  1. Consider shift cycles.  Depending on the type of business you have, consider creating shift patterns for safety purposes. Even an office-based business can benefit from doing this in helping to lessen the numbers of groups of people in the space at the same time. Try out various pattern styles to see how it could work for your business. You can also continue implementing remote work for those staff members who don’t necessarily need to be physically present.

During these challenging times, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. With so much noise coming from news desks and newsfeeds, it’s difficult to navigate forward. However, it’s important to stay focused on the facts of this situation rather than the fearful guessing games that are so common at the moment.

This is not a time to panic - it is a time to plan.

We all want to be back in business as soon as possible.  We want to overcome these unprecedented times.  Not only that, we want to return to a clean environment that our staff can feel safe within.  This, above all, is vital practice for an organization of any size going forwards.

If any of your staff team show any of the key symptoms of the virus, then take immediate action to gain medical support for them.  Remove them from your workplace as soon as possible, in order to keep your staff team safe.  Wellbeing practices such as this will become the norm for some time, and we must accept this in order to keep our businesses and our staff safe.

This too, shall pass.  Despite how it might feel right now, we will survive this chaos, and move on from its clutches.  We will overcome this, ultimately. Perhaps as we emerge from lockdown, we will move into our collective futures with an even greater sense of value for the teams who work with us and the customers who facilitate our successes.

Stay safe, stay well, and stay positive. We are in this together!

Commercial Damage - Faster To Any Size Disaster

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

When flooding and water damage occur at a commercial property, there is often the need for well-trained individuals that can respond in a timely manner.  Whether it is a small water damage cleanup or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the affected area. Generally, we here at SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown are able to allow the inhabitants to continue to operate their business in assigned areas while we work on preserving, protecting and stopping further damage from occurring in the facility. 

A call came in at approximately 7:30 PM on a Sunday.  Our crews were onsite by 8:45 PM.  They immediately got to work extracting water from the space.  This continued until approximately 1:00 AM.  We then started the necessary demolition.  Our team removed the affected ceiling tiles, wet drywall, and wet insulation to allow us to properly dry the building.   The space was large – approximately 2,300 square feet – so we set up more than forty air movers and six extra-large dehumidifiers. 

We worked with the occupants around their schedule.  We worked in areas that they were not working in to allow them to continue to operate their business to avoid any additional lost revenue and/or productivity.  After three days, we began to remove some of our equipment, but the drying process was still in progress.  Everyone was grateful that we were able to assist them and allow them to keep their company doors open. 

About SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown

SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification in Water Damage cleanup. SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown is available 24/7, and is faster to any size disaster.

Mold In Moorestown, NJ

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

flooring is discolored from a water leak, flooring had to be removed Water line leak in Moorestown

SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown responded to a call for mold remediation in Moorestown, New Jersey.  The ice maker line in the refrigerator was leaking for an unknown length of time.  As a result, the floor and cabinets were wet.  As soon as the homeowner discovered the floors were wet, he called SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown.

Upon tearing out the kitchen floor, our technicians learned that the subfloor was also effected by mold and had to come out, along with the cabinets.  The wood in the subfloor and the cabinets is a food source for mold.  In order to grown, mold requires an organic material to feed on, sustained moisture, and time.  This Moorestown kitchen met these requirements.

The kitchen was approximately 150 square feet.  SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown set up an air scrubber and dehumidifier within the containment in order to properly clean the space.  The family could not use their kitchen for the three days our company was working, but they were not displaced from their home.  After the tear out, we vacuumed the space with a HEPA vacuum to catch any errant mold spores from the remaining surfaces in the kitchen.  

So as you can see, a small leak that goes undetected for a period of time can cause major damage! Make sure you have someone to call as soon as you notice a problem.  SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown responds to all emergency cleanups 24/7.  

Fire Cleanup

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

When the smoke settles and the commotion dies down and all the fire trucks leave, a new fleet of trucks will arrive. You will be swarmed by companies who will all have different stories claiming; the fire department sent them, they were called by your insurance company, or even that your neighbor called them.

As customers you have the right to choose who helps with your fire damage clean up. SERVPRO® of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown would love to be that help, and help with mostly all your other clean up needs. We have been working in the community to provide the very best customer service.

If a disaster should strike your home or business, make sure to call SERVPRO® of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown 856-778-4055

We can make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Emergency Ready Plan

7/30/2019 (Permalink)

Planning for an emergency

Making sure that you are ready in case of an emergency can be nerve wracking when planning for something that hasn’t even happened yet. SERVPRO® understands how hard planning for the worst can be, that is why SERVPRO® created an app to use so you can be ready for any emergency.

SERVPRO® Ready Plan

Downloading this app isn’t just for property managers but for everyday homeowners too. From business to residential this app will make creating a plan a breeze. It allows for an Emergency READY profile, which can minimize the interruptions by having an immediate plan of action. Knowing what to do and what to expect beforehand is key to help minimize the effect of water or fire damage in your home or business.

After the Damage

With the plan you will be able to act fast and call SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown 856-778-4055.

 We will make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Flood and Storm Readiness

7/25/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown wants to make sure that all of our customers are safe. So we are providing safety tips to make sure our customers are safe during a flood/storm. By making sure that they are fully prepared before a flood.

Be Flood/Storm Ready

These tips are to be done before a flood/storm occurs. Making it easier for you to prepare for when a flood actually happens.

  • Gather emergency supplies; make sure you have extra cases of water, batteries, flashlights, and snacks that don’t need to be in the fridge just in case your power goes out.
  • Know where all the evacuation routes are beforehand in case you are advised to leave your house you are ready to go. Having a duffle bag full of clothes is always a smart route because being over prepared is better than under prepared.
  • Watch the news. During this rainy season flash floods are very common. Watch the news, making sure you are on high alert as the storm approaches your area.

After the Flood/Storm

You are not going to be able to prepare for everything that happens, such as water leaking into your basement or even water getting into your home or business. But what you can prepare for is calling SERVPRO® of Mt. Laurel/Mooretown 856-778-4055 to get your house back to the way it was.

We will make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Hidden Water Damage?

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Hidden Water Damage

Hidden water damage happens when an unfound leak damages wall, floors, or other things in your home. Water damage that is hidden are usual slower and harder to detect but these steps will help you spot water damage before it becomes a bigger issues but if it does make sure you call your local SERVPRO®  to help fix any of your issues.

Check These Places for Hidden Water Damage

One of the most common places for hidden water damage is under the sink. If you are not sure if there is something occurring run the water and if you see a small leak then you are closing to confirming. And never wait because a small leak can become a larger leak and make it even more of a hassle to fix.

Another place to check to make sure you does not have water damages are walls. Walls start to give signs of water damage by discoloration and becoming a soft spot because there are pipes behind walls and the leaking of pipes just like under the sink even the smallest of leaks can cause the biggest of problems.

Water Damage Restoration in Mt. Laurel

SERVPRO® will come in and take care of your water damage need in the Mt. Laurel/Moorestown area. Whether it a small leak that causes big water damage or a water damage emergency you can trust you’re professional restoration team for quick and efficient work day or night. SERVPRO ® of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown. 856-778-4055

Let us clean up after everyone else is gone

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

After the fire trucks leave, a new fleet of trucks will arrive.   You will be swarmed by companies claiming everything from being sent by the fire department, they were called by your insurance company or even that your neighbor called them.

As a customer you have the right to choose who helps with your fire damage clean up. SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown has been working for years to provide the very best customer service.

If a disaster should strike your home or business, make sure to call 856-662-2772.

We can make it "Like it never even happened."