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Why Your Home Needs A Professional Storm Cleanup Service

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

Why Your Home Needs A Professional Storm Cleanup Service

A storm causes a lot of destruction in its wake. The chaos it creates is too much to deal with. This is why residential owners need extra help to restore their homes after a storm.

For this, you will need the service of a professional company that deals in storm damage restoration and cleanup such as us. After all, your home is your sanctuary and it needs to be protected so you can be safe.

Here are the many reasons why your home will need a professional storm damage restoration service.

Quick Cleanup And Repair

The damage that storms can cause can be extensive. You and your family can't possibly repair it in time and you will need a few days or a week to restore it yourself. However, because of this, you may feel unsafe in your own home.

Hiring a professional storm cleanup service means that your house will be restored to its original form in no time. This is because we are experts at what we do and we can quickly and effectively repair any damage caused by the storm around the house.

Professional Evaluation

As a layman, you will not know where to look for damage. You might miss out on a few things that should be repaired so your house can function well and live a long life.

Hiring a professional service will mean that they will do a full evaluation of your house first. This means that the experts will search every corner of the house to see the extent of the damage.

Apart from that, they will figure out what needs to be fixed through a detailed inspection and evaluation of your property. They will then come up with a solution to fix all the damage.

Clean And Sanitized Home For Optimal Health

Storm damage can cause contamination, infections, parasites, and diseases. These are serious issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. If these issues exist then they will come to light when the experts do the inspection and evaluation.

As a professional cleanup service, our main priority is your health and we will do everything to ensure that it is not harmed. This is why your home will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to get rid of any contamination and infection. You can then go back to enjoying a safe and healthy home.

Flooding Will Be Taken Care Of

Storms can cause flooding in basements and other areas. However, we will clean it up through the use of our flood pumps to get rid of all the water and to prevent it from seeping into your walls.

As a professional cleanup service, we have all the equipment and expertise to execute the restoration effectively.

Final Words

Please don’t attempt to restore the house yourself after storm damage. Instead call professionals and experts such as us to effectively clean and restore your house to its original form.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with us now.

What to do when Your House Floods

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

What to do when Your House Floods

Imagine coming home from a long day at work, and rain is pouring down from the skies. You open the door but to your surprise something is amiss. You check the basement to see if everything is alright, when you notice your house has been flooded. Instead of scrambling for help, simply call SERVPRO (856) 686-0100. If you or a loved one encounters this unfortunate situation there are steps you can follow until SERVPRO promptly arrives at your door.

What YOU can do in the meantime

            After a flood it is important to remove excess water by mopping and blotting what you can. Wipe any excess water from wood and retrieve tabletop items such as lamps. Remove upholstery and cushions from any chairs, couches, and beds that are accesible in the flooded area. Remove any colored rugs from wet carpets and surfaces. Remove any valuable pieces of art and store in a dry safe place. Gather attainable loose items from your floor.

SERVPRO saves the day

Once you’ve done what you can, this is where SERVPRO steps in. We operate a 24-hour emergency contact number so you can get in touch with us any time disaster strikes. Remember to call SERVPRO at (856) 686-0100. When you call this number, we will ask you several questions related to the emergency at hand. This helps determine what equipment to bring and how many employees to send. From here, highly trained water damage specialists will be sent to the place of emergency for inspection and damage assessment. An intensive inspection of the property will take place to determine the scope of the damage. Several things are taken into consideration such as amount of water, contamination of the water, etc. Once this assessment is complete, the water will be swiftly and efficiently extracted. Our company will also help move any valuable furniture and items out of the house to prevent stains and rust. The carpet and carpet pad will also be inspected and removed at this time if need be. State of the art water removal equipment is used in this process. This includes tools such as: moisture detectors, hygrometers, infrared cameras to find water behind walls, submersible and gas-powered pumps to expel high-level water, and truck-mounted and portable water extraction units. Next, our team will begin the drying process. This is a necessary step in the water restoration process as most building materials are porous, meaning they retain water. This retained water can cause materials to decompose, warp or mold. Our professionals will use dehumidification equipment based on the area’s measurements, temperature, and humidity of the flooded area. Industrial-grade dehumidifiers will be applied to prevent secondary water damage such as warping floors and swelling. High-speed air movers will also be introduced to the space to create airflow across walls, carpets, and furniture to accelerate the evaporation of moisture. SERVPRO will always provide validation and documentation once the property is dry. This brings us to the sixth and final step, Restoration. After a flood, your property may be in shambles. Leave it to SERVPRO to fix this. Various services are offered such as: board-up, roof tarping, temporary fencing, move-out assistance, and temporary warehouse space. However, that’s not all we can provide. We can also provide repair services such as drywall removal, hardwood floor repair, tile floor repair, painting, and carpet repair/installation. We can simplify the whole process for you by dealing with both the initial water damage and rebuilding of the affected areas. Having one extraordinary and qualified company throughout this entire process can save you both money and time.

Why Is It Important To Prep Your Place For The Winter?

9/20/2021 (Permalink)

Why Is It Important To Prep Your Place For The Winter?

With winter approaching, many people will prepare their homes, cars, and lifestyle for the weather. So, what is it about the winter that forces people to do some extra preparation for it? You will be surprised to know that the homes need attention and care too. If you do not give the necessary attention to them, they will deteriorate quickly. Once they deteriorate, you will be left with nothing. This is why it is crucial to prepare your home to face the cruel weather that arrives when the winter arrives.

Consequences Of Not Preparing Your Place For The Winter

Want to know what can happen to your place if you do not make it winter ready? Let’s take a look below.

  1. Heat Will Be Lost In An Un-Insulated Home

According to Energy Saving Trust, keeping your home insulated during winter is extremely important. If you do not keep your place insulated, a quarter of heat will be lost through the roof. You cannot afford to lose this much heat during such cold weather. This is why you need to keep the roofs of your house well-insulated during the winter. Not only will it keep your home heated, but your electricity bill will also reduce as well.

  1. Carbon Monoxide Leaks

If you would not maintain your household appliances during the winter, there is a high chance that they will cause a carbon monoxide leak. No one would want that to happen, right? This is why the government has made it compulsory for a private landlord to install a carbon monoxide alarm. But, this doesn’t mean that you will be spared if you are not a private landlord. This is why getting a carbon monoxide alarm installed at your property is a good idea whether you are a private landlord or not.

  1. Hot Water Pipes May Burst

Winter is the most common time during which hot water pipes burst. Therefore, if you have not prepared your place for the winter, there is a high chance of bursting of hot water pipes. Imagine the disaster it would make. This is why you must keep the hot water pipes at your place insulated. One of the easiest ways to do this is by lagging. This is an inexpensive method that will save the hot water pipes at your home from bursting.

  1. The Gutters Will Get Blocked

Did you know that rain and snow can block the gutters at your house? Apart from this, leaves, twigs, and mosses can also cause a blockage. When the gutters are blocked, they can cause damage to your property in ways that you never imagined. This is why it is extremely important to get the gutters cleaned before the arrival of the winter.

So, it proves how important it is to prepare your place for the winter. Looking for a professional company to prepare your home during the winter? Feel free to contact SERVPRO as we are the best in town. We will make your home winter-ready with our expert services while you sit back and relax.

5 Immediate Steps to Handle a Water Damage Emergency

9/14/2021 (Permalink)

5 Immediate Steps to Handle a Water Damage Emergency

Water damage can be infuriating. It is classified as one of the most serious emergencies that your property could suffer from – one that could possibly have long-term implications as well.

There are many ways that your property could get damaged by water, such as a heavy storm, flash floods, extreme rainfall, damaged pipes, overflowing water appliances, or even a leaking roof. Regardless of where your water damage stems from, it is mandatory to address the problem immediately to prevent further damage and to allow for repair strategies to be helpful.

When you face a water damage emergency at home, you should already have a plan in place that tells you exactly how to handle the situation. Here are a few steps that should ideally be part of your contingency plan:

  1. Protecting Yourself

The reason why water damage is considered extremely serious is because not only will there be floating water around your home, but the water can also further create more emergencies around the house. If the water is contaminated, there can be serious health effects if you come into contact with it. If you let the water reach electrical appliances, there can be a short circuit in the house or lead to electrocuted water.

To protect yourself, the first step in a water damage emergency should be shut off all electricity in your home. In case the water damage is caused by flooding, it is important to evacuate the home and reach a safe destination ASAP. Remember to wear protective clothing such as gloves and boots when you come in contact with the water to avoid the risk of contaminated or electrocuted water. You should also protect important possessions first – including important documents and electronic devices.

  1. Stop the Damage

In order to prevent further damage to your property, it is important to identify the source of the water damage and stop it immediately. If you have a burst pipe, you can shut off the water supply. If there is a flood in the area, you can use sandbags to lessen the impact. If you are suffering a ceiling leak, you should identify the exact point of leakage and reach out to a roofing expert.

  1. Call the Insurance Company

Since most houses in the US are insured, it is important to call the insurance company as soon as you identify water damage on your property. They are likely to guide you regarding what to do next, including getting a claims adjuster and taking photographs of the property damaged. This step is important to save money on damage repair in the future since your insurance company is likely to have it covered.

  1. Dry Everything

If it is possible, you should begin drying your wet furniture and flooring as soon as possible. Leave your rugs out in the sun to dry and turn on the fans to help dry out the entire house. This step is essential to eliminate the possibility of mold growth on your property due to still water and moisture in the home.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown is part of the community, so urgently wants your safety. If disaster strikes, call us at (856) 778-4055. Emergency service is available all day, every day.

SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown is Faster to any size disaster.

This speed allows SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown to prevent additional damage, and to restore Austin homes and businesses to preloss conditions as much as possible.

Fire is fast

Within two minutes, a fire can move from “easy to escape” to “difficult to escape.”

Within five minutes, fire can destroy a two-story building.

Early warnings are essential.

Newer buildings may be less safe than older ones. Many synthetic materials burn more easily than natural ones like wood or cotton. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reported that newer buildings burn more quickly and for longer times than older ones.

Smoke detectors provide early warnings

Smoke detectors sense smoke before a fire starts, providing extra time to get out of the building. People who have movement disabilities, older people, children, and pets may need the extra time, but everyone benefits from the warning.

Commercial buildings have codes for the number and placement of smoke detectors.

In homes, the NFPA recommends:

  • At least one alarm inside every sleeping area
  • One on every level of the house (larger houses may need more alarms)
  • Test smoke detectors every month
  • Replace batteries twice a year
  • Never disable a smoke detector before cooking. Use a fan to vent smoke outdoors

SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown is Independently Owned and Operated.

Year-Round Fire Safety

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

During the summer and fall months, we all love to enjoy a nice fire with our friends and family (socially distanced of course) and some s'mores! While in the winter, some of us enjoy a nice fire by the fireplace inside. However, you enjoy your fires, it's important that you are safe! 

Indoor fireplaces/pellet/ wood stoves

Be sure your chimney and stove (if you have one) is inspected and cleaned by a chimney specialist once a year to ensure there is no creosote build-up and no other issues. Keep the area around the fireplace clean and clear of any fire hazards. This can include decorations, tripping hazards, and any other flammable materials. 


  • Ensure the flue is open before igniting a fire
  • Use fireplace gloves when adjusting the doors or screens
  • Close the damper when the fire is completelyout
  • Control your fire

Outdoor fires 

While most of us enjoy sitting outside by the fire with friends and family, enjoying a beautiful summer or fall night, it is always important to remember and be aware of safety and any hazards. 

  • Always use a designated fire pit
  • Keep water nearby in case of an emergency
  • Never use a flammable liquid to start a fire 
  • Don't wear flowy clothing around a fire, always wear snug fit or short-sleeved clothes. 
  • After you've had your fun around the fire, be sure the fire is doused with water and is fully extinguished. 

Whether you're enjoying a campfire outside or warming up by the fire inside, always be sure you're practicing proper safety measures!

SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown is here to help you with any fire-related damage. Our teams are highly trained to help guide you through the entire process. We'll make it "Like it never even happened."

Give us a call at (856) 778-4055, we're always here to help

Make Sure You are Covered

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Mt. Laurel/Moorestown gets a lot of questions about insurance and if a loss is covered. Our staff is fully trained to know how to answer these questions. We are not insurance agents, but we have a lot of experience with several different types of claims over the years in business. Each claim is treated individually. We take our time getting all the information about the loss and determining what the best course of action would be. We walk people through each step of the way. 

Now for important tips for your insurance policy:

  1. Confirm you have an endorsement for sewer backup coverage. Sewer backups cause more damage than a regular water damage. As a restoration company, we also have to protect our employees with personal protective equipment, which includes additional charges as well. 
  2. Confirm you have extra coverage for mold. Especially in New York State, there are stringent laws about mold remediation and have to be followed closely.
  3. If you own an older home or building, make sure you have code upgrade insurance, God forbid something happens that you need to upgrade your entire electrical system or plumbing system. Both systems can become extremely costly, so for a little bit extra a month in insurance, it is worth it. 
  4. Additional Living Expense (ALE) is what is used if you have to move out of your house for a while to get the home rebuilt after any type of damage. ALE is used for hotels, food, or even a long-term rental home. As you can imagine, this can become very pricey as well. 
  5. If you are renting, have renter’s insurance, especially if you are in a multi-unit facility. You may never believe you will have a loss, but what if your neighbor falls asleep with a pan on the stove and it catches fire. Your entire apartment's contents may be non-salvageable. Your renter's insurance is what pays you back for your contents.
  6. When going to get renters insurance, be realistic on the price range of all of your personal belongings. Remember all the small items, as well. One bottle of spice is $3, but if you have 100 of them, that is $300. The money accumulates quickly, so do not skimp on the insurance. 
  7. There are things in life you can get for cheap, insurance should not be one of them. Take your time, find the best agent, and get the right coverage. 

SERVPRO is here to help with any questions that may arise.

What To Do And What Not To Do When Dealing With Fire Damage

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can completely change our lives. A fire in your home or place of business is one of them. It can cause extensive damage that can take a while to recover from.

However, you need to start the fire restoration process as soon as possible so you can resume life. When it comes to fire damage and restoration here are some of the things you should do and some you should avoid.

What To Do When Dealing With Fire Damage

It is important to always have a plan when it comes to such damage. Your plan will allow you to take the necessary steps to deal with fire damage and restore everything as fast as possible. Here is everything you need to do:

  • Never enter the property until a professional has told you it’s safe
  • Take pictures so you can have evidence of the damage
  • Call your insurance agent
  • Call your local restoration company such as SERVPRO
  • Limit your movement inside the area of fire
  • If the weather is fine then open all the windows for proper ventilation
  • Throw away drinks and foods that have been left after the fire

All of this will protect you from further damage and help you restore your property as soon as possible. The best thing you can do is call a professional for restoration so they can take care of everything.

What Not To Do When Dealing With Fire Damage

It is important to know what not to do as well so that you don’t end up causing further damage. Here is a list of things you shouldn’t do when dealing with fire damage on your property:

  • Don’t start cleaning everything unless your insurer has assessed everything first
  • Don’t use carpets or other furniture until they have been professionally cleaned after a fire
  • Don’t eat or drink anything that has been exposed to the fire
  • Don’t turn on water, gas, or electricity till everything has been professionally assessed
  • Don’t turn on any electronics until it has been professionally assessed

You need to give time to the professionals to handle all these aspects. This is because the residue that stays after a fire can cause a variety of health effects if you start doing everything too soon.

So, till the professional sort everything out and restore the damage this is what you should and shouldn’t do. Just make sure that you are not using the property at all until it has been assessed by an insurer and a fire restoration professional.

Final Words

If you want to minimize the risk of fire on your property then you should always take preventative measures. However, if you still end up having a fire on your property then this was your complete guide to what you should and shouldn't do.

Follow these steps and you will be good to go. If you want a professional fire damage restoration company then no one does it better than SERVPRO. Feel free to get in touch with us now.

Stop the Fire Before it Ignites

8/10/2021 (Permalink)

No one likes the idea of a fire spreading throughout their property, damaging, and destroying everything in sight. But these things can and will happen, the question is will you be prepared? Fire mitigation and restoration specialists in Croydon Heights, PA, provide all the services you need to ensure your property is safe after these types of occurrences.

Security and Surveillance


Board-up and tarp services

Security and Surveillance

A sense of security is vital for every facility owner. Many mitigation companies will provide just that by setting up surveillance in your facility. Feel free to take advantage of these services!


After a disaster, your property may look vulnerable to thieves and looters. One of the easiest ways to protect your facility from this is to install fencing. Temporary fencing is a practical, cheap, and easy way to keep vagrants and wildlife out of your property while it is being restored. We want to help you in providing the safest, most attainable form of fencing to fit your needs.

Board-up and tarp services

It is far too common that fire damage compromises windows, walls, and roofs. To protect against these vulnerabilities and prevent further damage we will cover these spaces for you. Our crew will use plywood to cover any damage to windows and doors. And will use tarps to cover any holes in the facility’s roof.

Although no property owner wants to think about fire damage, it is important to prepare for the worst to protect yourself, and your brand. If your company has experienced the disaster of a fire, or simply needs to prepare for one, contact your local SERVPRO today!

How to Prepare Your Home for Natural Disasters

8/10/2021 (Permalink)

Your home is a central aspect of your life. It is your own personal space that you share with your loved ones, such as your parents, siblings, spouse, or children. Your home is where most of your dearest memories are made and you probably want to protect it forever.

However, natural disasters are common. They can wipe away all the memories you have made in your beautiful home in a split second if you are not adequately prepared for the disaster.

Preparing for a Hurricane

One natural disaster that combines many different disasters is a dangerous hurricane. It can bring heavy rainfall, winds that are faster than 150 MPH, extreme thunderstorms, and even flash floods in areas that are near the coastline.

In the US, hurricanes are especially common between June to November and it is important to prepare for them accordingly.

Hazards of a Hurricane

When a hurricane hits your area, there are many hazards that you need to look out and prepare for. These include

  1. Storms: A dangerous storm can affect both human life and property in just a few minutes. In the surge of a hurricane, ocean water is pushed towards the coast. When combined with the high, swirling winds, such storms can cause major damage to the structure of your home.
  2. 2. Winds: Hurricanes don’t have normal winds. Instead, the wind is as fast as 150 MPH and has a swirling direction. This can easily destroy entire buildings or cause irreparable damage to the foundational structure of the building.
  3. Heavy Rainfall and Floods: When a hurricane hits, it is accompanied by tropical storms that can bring rainfall of more than 6 inches. As the water builds, there can be flash flooding in low-lying coastal areas. This is extremely dangerous for people who live in the inlands, especially because they may not have sufficient time to evacuate in such situations.

Hurricane and Natural Disaster Preparation Guidelines

Here are a few things you can do beforehand in order to minimize the damage caused by hurricanes or other natural disasters in your area:

  1. Assess Your Home

Before you start taking any precautions to prepare for a hurricane, it is important to first analyze the risks of your own home. You can check with contractors or damage repair companies to ask whether the foundational structure and landscaping of your home will be able to survive heavy winds and storms. After the inspection, you may be required to have a few repairs made in your home to make the structure sturdier.

  1. Removal of Debris and Garbage

Since storms and hurricanes come with intense winds, it is important to remove any dead trees or garbage material such as logs of wood that could be blown into your house due to extreme wind pressure.

  1. Make an Evacuation Plan and Kit

If you live in a low-lying coastal area, it is important to have an evacuation plan in place that all of your family members are aware of. Apart from the plan, you also need to prepare a kit that must be equipped with food and water supplies, essential medication, a first-aid kit, and a battery-powered flashlight.